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Privacy Policy

With regards to Data Protection regulations, below I have highlighted the basic processes in place as it is necessary to make it quite understandable about the information that is captured and stored about each client(s). I also provide information on how data is stored and how it is used and not used and how clients are entitled to request what information is stored and for it to be removed from my records.

If you do require more detailed aspects of what data is stored for your specific contract, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page and I will answer any issues and respond appropriately to those requests. Please allow 5 business day for any formal requests. 

The data that I have obtained from you with your permission - I have taken the necessary requirements to ensure that the data is stored securely, password protected and the information is not shared in any manner. This is key to understand as I believe this is utmost important to me personally to keep a professional service and ongoing commitment to providing a secure and and legal requirement upon myself as well as respecting for all clients.

Terms & Conditions & Information

What To Expect - A professional person, one who takes the extra time to listen to what is actually required for a very high standard end product. Yes, I like to think I go the extra mile for all my clients and help them with what they want to achieve.

Our Agreement - This contract outilines the entire understanding between Doliz Miah Photography as the photographer for your event the named clients this contract is billed to.

Confirmation – A signed contract by both Doliz Miah Photography and the named Clients whom require making a deposit as stated above is required to secure a booking.

Consultation – Doliz Miah Photography will arrange to either meet up with you or telephone call will be made to discuss and plan your event. This will be as soon as possible and a follow up meeting(s) nearer the time of your event.

Understanding – Doliz Miah Photography will do his best to communicate with the client at all times when required. We also would be grateful if the client can have the same understanding to make the event run smooth and all expectations are met. Sometimes however, things are not in the control of the photographer, these things, include, weather, other guests, locations, and sometimes we are limited by rules imposed by venue management and ministers.

Copyright - You are purchasing the right to use the images provided to you. The digital images are purchased with the rights to copy, print and share. The digital images cannot be used for any advertisement purposes or edited by other professionals under any circumstances. Requests for this type of work will need to be sent to Doliz Miah Photography in writing where a decision will be made on a case by case request. Images will be provided via downloadable link or USB posted out to client.

Insurance - Doliz Miah Photography is fully insured with public liability insurance. In the event that Doliz Miah is too ill or injured to provide the services as agreed with the client- Doliz Miah Photography will attempt to provide a replacement photographer.

Cancellations - Any changes to the event plan itself, needs to be brought to the attention of Doliz Miah photography as soon as possible please. For cancellations and refunds – please ensure written confirmation is sent directly to doliz.miah@gmail.com as soon as possible.

End Products - With regards to end products, I have different suppliers which provide different high end products to my taste and I will do my best to ensure that these products meet my expectations before providing to each client. In some cases, these suppliers do increase their prices, and this can ultimately reflect my costing. I will do my upmost to ensure that increase is supplier costs, does not increase in a clients cost, however,  I kindly request that all orders are made within 6 months of original purchase - this is more apparent when ordering photo albums for weddings.

*** Updated 19/03/2019 - One of my current suppliers for phonebooks and albums no longer will supply to the UK and therefore any packages sold will be effected. Alternatives will be offered to all clients during consultation and post meetings - we apologies for this inconvenient, but unfortunately this is a direct result from the unknown of current climate and the Brexit negotiations.